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Welcome to Jman's World

Hi, this is Jordan. I am making this site cause im bored out of my mind and I just felt like it. I know its not much but im going to try to get some cool stuff on here. Well thanks for coming!

Listing Site Updates

It said make some update things so I guess I will......

6/29/05  Thanks to we now have a chat box

6/28/05  First "Pic of the Week"

6/28/05  I made Jman's Homepage

 Since its brand new, I guess you should check out the whole thing.

This is my forum. Please join it considering only 5 people are signed up. Thanks!


Jmans Chat Room

Get your own chatbox on!


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Pic of the Week

If you have a picture that you would like as "Pic of the Day", email it to me or my helper Woody. To reach me, email the pic to Woodys is

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